When choosing a refrigerator to best fit your needs you should first look at where your refrigerator will be located and measure the available area to make sure you get the proper size refrigerator. When it comes to refrigerator accessories quality is key factor to be considered. You also need to figure out which style of refrigerator will be the best for you and your family.

There are many styles of refrigerators to choose from like, side by side refrigerator style, where the freezer and refrigerator are split down the middle with the freezer on one side and refrigerator on the opposite side, single door refrigerator where there is no freezer at all and you have one single door, top or bottom style freezers, French door refrigerator styles where the refrigerator doors open up like a side by side refrigerator and the freezer is a pull out or single door, and also cabinet depth refrigerators that are not as deep so they don’t stick out past your kitchen cupboards.

One important consideration is to figure out if you will be using your refrigerator for frozen food or fresh food more frequently. If you use more frozen foods then your best option would be a top freezer style because the freezer is located on top so you can see the frozen food better. If you store and use more fresh food a bottom freezer would style would be a good choice as it puts the refrigerated foods on top so you can see them better. Side by side refrigerators are best if you need the most storage space with both frozen and fresh foods.

Figure out how much room you need by stocking your refrigerator and freezer with enough for one full week’s worth of food for your family all the time. This is where it is important to think about the types of fresh foods you will be storing, as there are many choices in refrigerators that have specialized compartments for vegetables and fruit, setting humidity levels and separate temperature controls for different compartments in certain types of refrigerators.

Ultimately you will need to know and stick to your budget, there is no need to spend extra money on features you may not need or use. Of course the more options a refrigerator has the more it will cost so if you are on a tight budget you should look at a traditional top freezer style as this will be the cheapest style refrigerator available. Top freezer style refrigerators also seem to have fewer problems because they don’t have as many features that can cause problems. The other consideration with top freezer style refrigerators is they are not as energy efficient as the bottom freezer styles. If you are on a very tight budget you may want to also consider previous year end and discontinued models or even a scratch and dent type floor model refrigerators.

Finally the best rated refrigerators today come with an energy star rating. The bright yellow tag that shows how much energy the refrigerator uses. This is a general guide to show how energy efficient your refrigerator is compared to other similar models. By all means try to get the most efficient model in the style that you can afford but don’t base your decision on this factor alone. These numbers are for the most part just a general idea of how the refrigerator should do but there are many factors that can change how efficient this will be in your home, from location to how often you clean the coils to make sure plenty of air is circulating behind and under your refrigerator.

Find the best rated refrigerators possible for the best deal you can find but take your time and think about it for a day before you purchase. Stay in your budget and make sure the refrigerator will fit through your door and fit in the spot you need it to go in…

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