Irving Refrigerator Repair is one of the trusted refrigerator repair companies in Lewisville. It has invested in providing excellent customer service to its customers, guaranteeing quality, and satisfaction without spending too much.

If you rely on your fridge every day to keep your food and vegetables fresh, it can be difficult when it breaks down and stops working properly. This means that the food can spoil and cause unnecessary inconveniences to you and your loved ones.

When your fridge breaks down, Irving refrigerator repair services are available to help you bring it back to life regardless of the time and day.

We have experienced professionals and experts who can work on all refrigerators and any other home appliance that may be broken down.

What Types Of Refrigerators do we repair?

Our professionals are trained and well-versed in the skills required to handle all types of repairs on different refrigerator models.

Our professionals can repair side-by-side units, top freezers, bottom freezers, built-in freezers, and more.

Besides, we also provide our services on different models, including Maytag, Whirlpool, Viking, and many more.

Common Refrigerator Repair Problems

The refrigerator is always running

This is caused by the buildup of too much dust or other debris from the kitchen in the unit’s condenser coils.

You can cut off the power supply and clean the coils located at the unit’s bottom to solve this.

Leaking Water

Water leakage in a refrigerator is caused by a blocked defrost drain (caused by food particles or debris) or a water supply line that has been frozen.

To repair, use warm water to flush the drain from inside the freezer and manually remove the debris if they are there.

Ice buildup

A refrigerator should not contain too much ice buildup. This is caused by leaving the freezer open for a long time since this raises the freezer’s humidity levels.

It is essential always to close the unit right after you have accessed what you needed from it.

Another common reason why the freezer has ice buildup is that it may have a faulty seal. If this is the case, consider replacing it to make it hold the required temperature for proper functioning.

Refrigerator gets warm

Refrigerators should always stay cold, as they are designed. When it starts getting heated up, you should be alarmed by it. If your refrigerator often gets warm, you should consider contacting an expert to inspect what the issue could be and perform the necessary repairs.

Typically, most refrigerators that get warm are as a result of faulty condenser coils. Clean the chem and check the condenser fan motor it is properly running. If it persists, consider involving the professionals.

Noisy refrigerator

Although refrigerators produce some noise while operating, it should be a low noise that does not irritate. If it makes too much noise that interferes with your activities, it may be due to one of its fans.

Both condenser and evaporator fans run simultaneously, and any issues with any one of them could make the refrigerator produce louder noise than the normal one.

This could be due to a broken motor that you will have to replace.

Contact Irving Refrigerator Repair for any refrigerator issues, and let us repair them professionally.