The Irving Refrigerator Repair company has been working independently for years. We have been providing standard home appliance repair servicing. With a high population, Carrollton refrigerator repair companies are also on the increase. However, not everyone can provide quality and exceptional services. Our company team does all your home appliance repairs, ensuring quality and keen attention to details on the repair nature. Irving is the solution to all your fridge repairs around Carrollton.

We have worked with different clients who always trust the quality of our services. The Irving company usually works all days of the week and operate on a 24/7 basis. Repairs are done a soon as you want them done, and you can also opt for an in-home servicing so that you do not have to bring your refrigerator to us. Instead, we come to you at your own set time. Our clients’ convenience is of much importance.

We are dedicated to creating close bonds with our clients and earn their trust through our exemplary services. We want to be the repair and servicing company you would recommend to anyone. 

Irving provides all-round repairs and services for all your home appliances regardless of the brand. We repair refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, ice makers, and dryers. 

To ensure our customers’ 100% satisfaction, we give a 30 day guarantee period on any work done by our team. Additionally, all the spare parts used during replacement come with a warranty period. The strategy builds our customer relations and gets you to trust in us.

Why Hire Irving Refrigerator Repair?

Our company is licensed and insured to take care of your safety in case of any anger during repairs. Irving is committed to providing services honestly; we fix appliances rather than rushing for replacement. Our company provides written estimates and send a well-equipped team to work on your device. Additionally, at Irving, we strive to save you all the struggles by offering same-day services and optionally in-home repairs.

Refrigerator Maintenance

Since refrigerators are the commonly used home appliances, they deserve a lot of care. Regular servicing ensures that your fridge works perfectly. You do not have to wait for failure or breakdowns to seek help from professionals. Here are refrigerator maintenance tips:

Regulate the temperature

Always maintain the right temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It also ensures the safety of your food.

Clean the coils

It is necessary to get rid of any dust particle that engraves on the col by wiping them. The coil is usually at the back or bottom of the fridge. To clean it, you will have to remove the grill to access the coils.

Close the refrigerator door

When a refrigerator door is open, the fridge must work harder to maintain the right temperature.

Cover food

Covering the food you put in the storage containers reduces moisture build-up.

Cool hot food before storage

Hot foo may increase the temperatures of the refrigerator. Take a few minutes to allow food to cool before storage.