Getting the best refrigerator services is usually overwhelming. With so many companies to choose from, you often end up being confused. Irving refrigerator repair is the most suitable company for all Arlington refrigerator repair. 

Irving Refrigerator Repair has been operational for a while and is known for the best services in refrigerator repairs. We offer other home appliance repairs such as dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, dryers, and ice maker repair.

We have worked in this line for a few years, and our expertise levels are very high. We guarantee quality services and are always available 24/7, any day of the week. We aim to ensure that a broken refrigerator does not hinder your day to day activities. 

At Irving, our clients are our number one priority. Our pride is generally built on maintaining a high reputation with our clients. We want to be the refrigerator repair company that you recommend to your friends and family.

All our work is 100% guarantee by providing 30 days of assurance on our services. We ensure that our customers are happy with our work. Additionally, all the spare parts used for repairs come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You do not have to worry about possible breakdowns.

Your convenience is highly considered at Irving. We perform in-house repairs on a flexible schedule. As the client, you choose when and where you want our repairers to fix the appliance. We allow you to perform any other activities without repairs being a distraction to our schedule.

Refrigerator Parts we Replace if Faulty

For every homeowner, common appliance breakdowns are unavoidable. Sometimes the appliance fails, and you have no idea what the problem could be. Well, if you are not sure about the issue, our team is always ready and experienced enough to perform a general inspection of the appliance to determine the underlying issue. We understand that not everyone knows all the complex refrigerator parts and their functioning. That’s why we provide professionals who are comfortable handling any refrigerator problem.

Our team is capable of handling any complex refrigerator problem regardless of its brand. Here are the commonly replaced refrigerator parts and their functions.


It is the primary controlling device that allows you to adjust the refrigerator temperature. It controls the entire cooling system; the condenser, compressor, and evaporator.


Refrigerator fans draw cool air from the compressor and circulate it to through the condenser coils. If the fans stop, the refrigerator temperature will rise, and food may spoil.

Condensers and compressors

The compressor controls the fluid refrigerant flow in the fridge while the condensers transfer heat from the refrigerant to a different medium.

The refrigerator has other parts that should be replaced to get the best results from the appliance. Such pieces could also include; water filters, door seals, ice makers, defrost heaters, valves, and solenoids. We do the replacement and repair of all these parts and ensure new pieces have a warranty.

Why Irving?

At Irving, you get to experience absolute professionalism. Our company is also well licensed and insured to ensure any risk is not at your cost.