Have you ever done thorough cleaning on your oven only to find out that the window still looks grimy? Well, many people suffer from this problem. Knowing how to clean an oven window is so crucial in maintaining the efficiency of your oven. Every spill and accident that happens while cooking always stays in the oven until you clean it up. Because you cannot clean a hot oven after cooking, you may forget to clean after it cools, letting debris and dirt pile up on the glass window.

Luckily, cleaning oven windows is not impossible, but it requires effort and plan. There are many ways you can clean oven windows depending on the model of your oven, the amount of dirt that has accumulated, and your preferences for cleaning products. Here are some ways to properly clean oven windows.

Cleaning oven window by removing it

ovan window

First, you have to ensure that the oven is cool so that you don’t burn yourself. After you are sure that it has cooled down, remove the glass from the oven window.Open the door and rest it on your legs while unscrewing the glass to protect the glass from accidentally falling and breaking.

Once you have removed the glass, you will have access to the inner layer that often piles up with debris.To clean this part, use a vacuum hose to empty the space and suck up all the crumbs.

Now it’s time to clean the glass. You will need vinegar and baking soda.Sprinkle some baking soda on the build-up grime or grease and apply some vinegar solution to the glass. This removes all the dirt and grease.

Spread the paste on the glass and use a wet rug to clean and wipe it up, removing everything.

Finish off by using a glass cleaner to clean and make the glass shine. Reassemble the glass window and carefully screw it back into place.

Cleaning oven window without removing it

While it’s best to remove the window when you want to clean it, sometimes you may not be capable, and the only option left is to clean it without removing it. It’s easier and safer, though it may not give the best results.

Similarly, ensure the oven is cooled, and you can be able to handle it without any difficulties.

Create a paste of baking soda and water. Spread this paste on the glass window using a soft sponge or hands.

Let the paste settle on the glass for at least 15 minutes, depending on how dirty the glass is.

The mixture will darken as it absorbs the debris, grease, and grime.

When you are ready to clean, use a warm, wet sponge to remove the paste. The oven door may stay foggy for a short while. If it persists, spray some glass cleaner to make it shiny.

There you have it. Your oven window will stay clean from debris and function efficiently for a long time if you do this.

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