There is nothing like coming back home after a hard day at work and unwinding yourself with your favorite meal and a glass of good quality wine. However, drinking wine turns out to be a pleasurable experience only when it is served at the right temperature. Wine is best served cold and that is the reason it is kept in the refrigerator. People who drink wine regularly use a specialized refrigerator to store and preserve wine.

If you take a bottle of wine out of your fridge and find it to be warm, you must know that the fridge is malfunctioning. You can take some simple steps to troubleshoot it. If the problem persists for some time, you can contact a good refrigerator servicing company like Irving Refrigerator Repair.

How to Troubleshoot Your Wine Fridge

Here are a few reasons why your wine fridge is not functioning properly and ways you can fix it.

Broken Evaporator

The evaporator inside your fridge is responsible for letting out the cold air that you so strongly feel when you open the fridge. It sucks the air out of the coils and makes the interior portion of the cabinet stay cool. Even if the compressor is running at full capacity and working fine, the fridge will not be able to produce any cold air if the evaporator is not working properly.

One of the most common reasons behind the evaporator not functioning smoothly could be a blockage in or around the inbuilt fan. When you face this issue, look carefully and find out whether the fan blades are in good condition or not. If ice has accumulated there, give it some time to melt before using the appliance. If there is dust or other unwanted particles, clean thoroughly using a piece of fine cloth.

Defective Thermostat

The thermostat performs the duty of supplying power to the different components of the fridge like the compressor, condenser and evaporator fan. It also enables you to regulate the temperature of the fridge. When the thermostat malfunctions or stops working, the wine kept inside the bottle suffers from the risk of getting spoilt or damaged. A defective thermostat ends up heating the insides of the cabinet. However, there are times when it also drives below the freezing point. Usually, it is very difficult to get a defective thermostat repaired. Most of the time, the only solution is to get it replaced. The user manual mentions all the steps you need to follow to do the same. However, it is advisable to reach out to a technician when you face such a situation.

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