If you’re searching for Irving refrigerator repair, we understand there’s a chance that you might be in a bit of a hurry to find someone to help you.  After all, a refrigerator that isn’t working right can mean a lot of food may end up going bad very soon, and no one can afford that, right?. Some of the FQA’s listed below

Still, you probably have a lot of questions like

  • How quickly can I get my refrigerator repaired?
  • Can my refrigerator be fixed, or will I need to buy a new one?
  • If my refrigerator needs new parts, how long will that take?

The good news for you is that we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners just like you get their refrigerators working again quickly and easily, and often for far less money than what they were expecting.  In fact, our customers often tell us things like “I was so impressed with your service and how quickly you got here“, and “I was so thankful that the bill was so much less than what I expected.

The truth is, there are a lot of different things that could be the cause of needing a refrigerator repair.  However, you can rest assured that with our years of hands on experience and constant, on-going training, we’re confident that we can help you too, regardless of whether it’s a major repair or just a small tweak to get things running again.

Don’t wait another minute while the food in your refrigerator goes bad. Call for an appointment right now so we can get a technician out to you right away and have your refrigerator running smoothly and properly again for you in no time.

We have repaired refrigerators of all makes and models, and we have seen just about everything that can go wrong with a fridge.  Below you’ll find some of the more common (as well as a few less common) questions that have been asked about refrigerator repair.

Irving Refrigerator Repair – FAQs

(and some refrigerator NSFAQs – Not So Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  My refrigerator isn’t working as well as it used to. Is there anything I can do before calling to try to fix it myself?

Houston refrigerator repair

Irving refrigerator repair

A:  We understand that no one wants to call a service repairman of any kind, including for a refrigerator repair.  That’s why we suggest the following things to look at to see if they might remedy your problem and save you from having to make a service call.

The first thing you should do is to check the seal around the door. Since this is the part of the refrigerator that gets used the most, it is often the first thing to wear out.  The good news is this is both easy to check and easy (and inexpensive) to fix yourself, if it’s the problem.

To check the seal on the door, simply place a piece of paper or a dollar bill in multiple places around the door and close the door. If you can pull the bill out with ease, you need to change the seal. You should be able to get a seal replacement at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Second, if the seal is fine, vacuum around the condenser coils and the ENTIRE bottom and back of the unit (see the next tip for specifics on how to do this)

Third, clean out the entire Fridge unit with white/clear vinegar and water. It’s not unheard of for a sensor to become frozen, at which point your refrigerator thinks the unit is colder than it actually is, when in fact it is either dirty or frozen over.

After you have finished all three steps, find out if the unit is now working properly. If not, it is your choice to either replace it or give us a call to determine if we can do a refrigerator repair for you.

Q: I heard that cleaning my condenser coils is a good idea. How should I go about doing that?
A:  Keeping your condenser coils clean is a good idea and may help you avoid the need for a refrigerator repair.  The problem with many modern refrigerators is that these coils are found on the bottom of the fridge, making them harder to get to and more likely to collect dust and pet hair.  Still, if you’re going to clean them, here are some tips for you.

  • Since you’re going to need to tip the fridge, make sure you remove anything inside that may spill or slide around a lot, such as milk cartons or any glass bottles.Once you’ve gotten those things out of the fridge, you’ll want to tip it at about a 45 degree angle.  Ideally it would be best to have someone there holding it for you, but in a pinch you can always lean it against a kitchen counter.  For safety’s sake, it’s a good idea to prop something under the uplifted side of the fridge, just to make sure it doesn’t tip over on you.
  • Next, you’ll most likely find some type of press-board covering the bottom of your refrigerator.  Most of the time these are just held in place with plastic bolts, that can be pried up with a screwdriver and then pulled out with pliers (if you’re careful, you should be able to use them again when you’re done).  You won’t need to remove the pressboard entirely, just enough to reach the coils with your thin vacuum attachment.
  • Some people have recommended using the vacuum in blower mode to blast out the dust. Probably not a good idea as it will not only kick dust and hair all over your kitchen, but it could drive it more firmly into hard to reach places, causing you and your refrigerator more problems down the road.

Q: If we’re not supposed to eat late at night, why do refrigerators have a light bulb inside?  :0)

If refrigerators are ever equipped with brains, I’m sure mine will constantly barge into my room & just stare at me as payback.
– Tommy Best, Founder of Best Refrigerator Repair

Useful video about refrigerator repair here

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