A faulty freezer is one of the most reported problems with refrigerators. When a freezer gets defective, it may not function well. Do not just rush into the decision of assuming it’s something more technical that requires expert service. Sometimes, it may be due to a simple reason, such as having an issue with your freezer door. Your freezer may be less airtight, worn out, full of debris, or incorrect alignment, which affects the freezer’s functioning.

Read to the end to find some common problems with a freezer door that may make your freezer faulty.

Not closing appropriately

Many things can prevent the freezer door from opening up as usual. When it has debris around, it may cause friction at the door that you will feel something rubbing against it when trying to move it.

When the door also gets improperly aligned, it can have a similar issue. If the door is also equipped with magnetic sealing, it may trap foreign objects that make it hard for the door to close properly.

freezer door

To repair this issue, always make sure the door hinge is free from debris and moving freely. Regularly clean and wipe the hinges and apply oil to reduce friction.

If your magnetic sealing has some foreign objects, wipe them carefully to remove them.

Replace faulty sealings and broken caster or foot.


When dirt and debris build up in a gasket, gaps can easily form, leading to leakages. Always check every area to ensure they are fully sealed.

If you find dirt particles in the gasket, clean them up using warm water and a soft sponge. Use a dry piece of cloth to dry off the seal.

Always clean the parts at least once every month to ensure no debris is accumulating.

Worn out gasket

When your fridge gets old, the gasket gets old with them. The best solution when the gasket gets old is to replace it. It is always recommended to replace it with a magnetic strip, which improves the door’s sealing.

Freezer door open for long

The inside of your freezer can get filled with frost and ice completely. The ice can push against the door, making it open.

But how did you even get to the point of having too much frost in your fridge? One common cause is having your door opened for long.

If your freezer door doesn’t close appropriately once you open it, you can try to defrost your freezer and adjust its feet afterward.

Faulty door handle

A broken or loose door handle will always make it hard for you to operate your fridge.

If you have a loose door handle, try and open it and tighten it back correctly.

If it’s broken, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

For any freezer door repairs that you may need, call Irving Refrigerator Repair at (972) 200-9519.

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