A garbage disposal unit can come handy to prevent clogged pipes. The machine can shred food waste into fine pieces that do not block pipes. It is always advisable to use cold water to clean your garbage disposal. This can solidify oil and other residues in food and grind them as well.

How to Repair a Garbage Disposal Yourself at Home?

Few common garbage disposal problems

garbage disposal

There are some common problems that you might encounter with your garbage disposal unit. In most cases, it is easy to fix these problems at home with readily available tools and materials. However, for those who are looking for professional assistance, Irving Refrigerator Repair is a name that is worth considering.

No noise in the unit

The garbage disposal unit makes a hum like sound when it is in use. If there is no hum or any sound, it is very likely that the machine is not getting any power supply. Often, all it takes for establishing the power connection is a press of the reset button. This button is usually present under the machine.

If the disposal is a plug-in type unit, disconnect it from the electrical outlet and connect another appliance in its place. If this also fails, the circuit breaker serving the disposal machine must be reset. This can be done by turning off the circuit breaker and turning it on once again.

Poor grinding

One of the first things to check is to see whether the garbage disposal has enough water for grinding. If the water level is sufficient, the next step should be to see if are you grinding only the matter that can be ground.

If both the checks are done and the garbage disposal is running without the grinding action, the blades may be broken. It is often cheaper to make a replacement of the whole unit rather than the blades alone. However, if you still want to check if you can do a blade replacement alone, try seeking professional assistance.

Jammed garbage disposal

In this case, the motor produces a humming sound. However, there is no grinding action or the unit makes too much sound. In some cases, the machine begins operating as usual but stops suddenly, even before it is turned off. The unit must not be allowed to continue running as the motor can burn out. To remove the jam, follow a few simple steps.

Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Fit a ΒΌ-inch hex wrench into an identically shaped hole below the machine. Some units come with a hex wrench attached. Move the wrench back and forth a few times to release the impellers. Few models incorporate a reversing switch for this purpose. Use a pair of pliers or tongs to remove any item that should not be present in the garbage disposal unit. Avoid using your hands for the pulling action.

In case it is not possible to attend to the garbage disposal repair at home, there are various appliance service companies to help out in this regard. It just takes a couple of minutes to get a comprehensive listing from the internet. However, there may be a variation in the amount charged for the services as it depends on the company.

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