A damaged refrigerator door seal is the last thing people want but is often the first thing they end up with once their refrigerator becomes a tad older. A broken door seal often ends up adding to the electricity bill while also risking whatever is stored inside. Though the consequences are severe enough, the repair is not that tedious a job.

Many people consider refrigerator repair, or any appliance repair a boring day-long affair and end up buying a new appliance altogether. Getting the refrigerator door seal (or gasket) fixed is a simple procedure. To Repair Refrigerator Door Seal, use our extensive guide below.

This five-step guide should be enough to explain how to repair a torn refrigerator door seal in general, irrespective of the refrigerator brand or model.

Step 1 : Removing the Door Seal from the Door

With the help of a screwdriver, the screws that hold the door seal to the door should be located and loosened first. It is advised that the refrigerator should be unplugged before undertaking any refrigerator repair. The screws are only to be loosened to an extent that the gasket could be removed from the door. They should not be removed completely out of their holes. After the screws are loose, the seal should be removed slowly off the shell starting from one end.

Step 2 : Clean the Door Seal

The next thing to do is to clean the concerned spare part to remove any dust or undesirables that may hinder the regular functioning of the appliance. After the door seal is taken down, it should be cleaned, ideally with soap and water, to ensure the surface is clean enough. After cleansing it thoroughly, it should be dried out to make it completely moisture-free before putting it back in place.

Step 3 : Greasing the Refrigerator Door Seal

While cleaning the door seal, one can easily figure out whether it can be repaired, or it should be replaced. If the seal appears to be broken, then the next steps are not useful. In case of a broken seal, a replacement can be found for almost all refrigerator models with the Irving Refrigerator Repair services in Texas, known for their efficient and high-quality services. In case it is not broken, it should be rubbed with silicon grease to create a new adhesive layer. This new adhesive layer will ensure the seal remains intact with the door shell preventing any leaks through it.

Step 4 : Attaching it to the Door Shell

This can be a little difficult at times as the seal is long and difficult to grip single-handedly. It is better if this step is carried out with two people. This will avoid any air bubbles or dust particles from resurfacing while the seal is fixed back on to the shell. To put the seal back on the shell, the part greased with silicon should be pressed to move behind the outer white frame. Starting from one end, it should be pressed on all sides to move the complete door seal behind the frame.

Step 5 : Making the Final Checks

After fixing the seal back at its place, it is important to check if it is done correctly or not. These final checks are essential for any appliance repair. To ensure the seal is firmly back in its place, the white shell should be checked to ensure that it is holding it throughout the entire shell. Once checked, the screws should be tightened back again.

Bottomline :

This refrigerator repair guide remains uniform for all refrigerator models. Checking whether the door seal is leaking warm air into the refrigerator or not is also easy and can be done by simply passing a thin paper through it across the entire area the of door shell. If the paper passes through, then there is a leak in the door shell at that point. If the paper doesn’t go through, then the seal is in perfect condition.

For door seal replacements, genuine spare providers like the Irving Refrigerator Repair are an easy pick as they provide strong and long-lasting materials along with their professional assistance. Not just for a broken door seal, they’re worth reaching out to for any refrigerator repair concern. Their quality and responsiveness make them a company worth relying on.

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