This excerpt has been extracted from “AARP Guide to Revitalizing your home Beautiful living for the second half of life Re-imagine, Redesign, Remodel Rosemary Bakker”. Refrigerators and freezers are co-related;one is essential for food storage & the other maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water. ” Appliance Repair in Irving TX“, serves you with all the services pertaining to it.

Refrigerators and Freezers

The refrigerator is the biggest energy- consuming appliance in the kitchen. If you have an older model, it’s using up to twice as much electricity as an energy- efficient one. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that replacing a refrigerator bought in 1990 with an energy- efficient model saves enough power to light the average household for nearly four months!  New features like high- efficiency compressors and improved insulation, will not only lower your utility bills but will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Refrigerators and freezers
Refrigerators and freezers

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, consider a side-by- side model if it fits your kitchen. It makes it easy to grab both fresh and frozen goods without excessive bending or reaching. And the smaller size doors don’t swing out as far as larger single doors do-a real plus in a busy kitchen. Most refrigerators come with pullout shelves, but in the more upscale models you’ll find additional features, such as an express thaw that allows you to thaw a frozen meal for dinner in a couple of hours; special cooling zones that keep foods fresher and crisper for longer; and bright LED lighting that makes food easier to see. And yes, there are even refrigerators installed in pullout drawers, usually under the counter-top, for convenience and extra storage space during holiday parties. Such a unit is pricey, but if you host large get-together, it just may be worth splurging on.

What features can you expect to see in the near future? New refrigerators will use Internet capability and bar- code- scanning technology to keep track of your food items and send an e-mail recorder to your local store. When you arrive home from work at 6:00 P.m., your groceries will arrive shortly after you do (like magic).

Easy to green energy-efficient appliances

By choosing energy- efficient appliances, you’re helping to prevent global warming and promote cleaner air. And you get to save on utility bills. Since green isn’t associated with any style or model, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics, quality, or performance. Good for you, good for the environment.

Appliances labeled” Energy Star” are certified energy- efficient by the U.S. government. Unfortunately, Consumer Reports discovered that some refrigerators used almost twice the amount of energy reported. The Energy Star program has lapsed, with out-of-date tests, old technology, and a policy of letting manufactures do their own testing. Until this program is revamped, consumers should look for supplemental sources of information.

Easy to go green Refrigerators

If you follow these simple steps, your refrigerator will operate more efficiently.

Refrigerators and freezers - COILS
  • Don’t place the refrigerator next to the oven, the dishwasher, or in sunlight- these locations overwork the unit.
  • Keep the back or bottom coils clean.
  • Leave a space between the wall and the condenser coils to allow air to circulate.
  • Make sure the door seals are airtight. You may need to replace them on older refrigerators.
  • Buy a thermometer and check the temperature. The U.S. Department of agriculture recommends a setting of 350 to 400 F (20 to 40 C) for the refrigerator and 0 0 F (-180 C) for the freezer.
  • Don’t hold  the refrigerator door open for too long. Good storage organization will decrease the time it takes to search for items.
  • Recycle your old refrigerator if you’re buying a new one. Go to to find the nearest refrigerator recycling location.

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