This blog post about troubleshooting Ice Maker, listing problem, problem cause, quick solution. you may have to call a professional refrigerator repair company some times where the problem is more serious and involves safety issues. We highly recommend using our 24hr emergency Ice maker repair Service. Call us for a free quote.

This article is an excerpt from the book called “All Thumbs Guide to Repairing Major Home Appliance” by “Robert W.Wood”.

Ice Markers Troubleshooting Guide

Water enters an ice maker through an inlet valve and flows into the ice maker mold.  The water is then frozen by the cold air in the freezer compartment.  When the temperature in the mold has dropped to around 10 or 15 degrees, a thermostat starts a motor and the mold heater. 

The heater melts the ice slightly from below the mold, and the motor slowly drives the ejector blades clockwise to push the ice from the mold into the bin below.  Next, the shutoff arm rises and the ejector blades return to their original position to start a new cycle.  When the bin is full, the shutoff armrests on the accumulated ice and stops the next cycle.


  • Screwdriver
  • Small socket wrench and sockets
  • Kitchen knife
  • Volt-ohmmeter or continuity tester
  • Thermometer


Ice maker doesn’t make ice Water supply to ice maker shut off open water valve under a sink or behind the refrigerator
Freezer compartment too warm check temperature of freezing compartment-it must be no higher than 10 F
On/off or holding switch faulty check on/off switch and holding switch
Water inlet valve switch faulty check water inlet valve switch.
Motor faulty check motor.
Thermostat faulty check thermostat.
Ice maker doesn’t stop making ice shut off arm out of position Reposition shutoff arm.
ON/OFF switch faulty check ON/OFF switch
Water overflows from ice maker Ice maker not level Adjust refrigerator leveling feet.
Water inlet valve switch faulty Check the water inlet valve switch.
Water inlet valve faulty Check the water inlet valve.
Too much water delivered to ice cube mold Adjust the water adjustment screw.
Ice maker doesn’t eject ice cubes Motor faulty Check motor
Holding switch faulty Check holding the switch.
Thermostat faulty Check thermostat.

Hope the Ice Maker Troubleshooting Guide was useful.
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