Samsung is one of the leading refrigerator manufacturing companies in the world today. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality refrigerators and catering to different segments of customers. However, any fridge can suffer from different kinds of issues or defects from time to time.

Being aware of these problems and some important troubleshooting techniques will enable you to solve the problem quickly. Cooling is the most basic function associated with fridges.

When you realize your Samsung fridge is malfunctioning or not to cool the things stored inside it, here are few things you can do to fix this issue.

Defective Defrost Heater

The defrost heater helps in removing the frost that has been formed or accumulated on the surface of the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils are responsible for allowing cold air to move freely and contributing to the cooling of the freezer. When the defrost heater stops working, frost keeps building up on the coils. This, in turn, restricts the airflow and acts as a hindrance in the cooling process.

Defective Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is responsible for keeping the temperature of the fridge within permissible or appropriate limits. It also works towards processing the information available on the temperature reading and transmitting it to the control board. This helps in ensuring that the right amount of power is supplied to the compressor and the evaporator fan for cooling purposes. When there is a problem with the temperature sensor, the evaporator fan and the compressor will not work properly.

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Defrost Thermostat Failure

This is the component that helps in the transmission of power to the heater. When it malfunctions, power will not flow to the fridge and the heater will lose its ability to get heated up and defrost the ice. This will result in a large amount of ice accumulating on the evaporator coils.

How to Deal with this Issue?

The most obvious thing to do is to get the defective parts repaired. If a component is severely damaged, the only solution is to replace it with a new part. One of the most common reasons behind a fridge malfunctioning is the accumulation of frost on the evaporating coils or the fan. In such a scenario, you have to enable the Forced Defrost mode.

You can do so by switching on the Freezer and the Lighting buttons together. Another option is to press the Fridge and Energy Saver buttons at the same time for about eight seconds. The defrost element will get activated and result in melting the ice. If you are unable to solve the issues, you can hire a professional company like Irving Refrigerator Repair that can handles such issues.

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