Is your refrigerator not cooling? You should let professionals inspect and repair it to function properly once again. Irving Refrigerator Repair is a trusted company with a growing number of satisfied clients. It also provides services in Richardson, providing quality and timely solutions to customers.

Why Choose Irving Refrigerator Repair

  • All refrigerator parts used for repair have the manufacturer’s warranty, guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction and confidence in our services.
  • We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to make sure you get the urgent refrigerator repair services you may need at any time of the day. Besides, we offer same day service—no need of waiting before we repair your appliances.
  • Irving refrigerator repair service is fully licensed and is committed to providing honest services by fixing appliances rather than replacing them.
  • We repair all makes and models such as AEG, Amana, Kenmore. Sharp, Speed Queen, Magic Chef, and more!
  • We will save you money by fixing your refrigerator and let it function perfectly again, rather than purchasing a new one.

Our Services

Refrigerator Repair

Performing a refrigerator repair by yourself can be hectic and very hard due to the skills in need. With very many connections, wirings, and parts, even knowing which part is faulty can be challenging.  You will stay wondering whether you should replace the refrigerator or just call a professional to repair it.

Tips to determine whether to replace or repair your fridge


A fridge can stay for at least 10-12 years, performing perfectly if it has been well taken care of. When it has barely reached ten years since you purchased it, then you can just consider performing a repair. But if it has stayed for more than ten years, it is ideal to replace it. If you cannot afford one, you can repair it to keep serving you until you raised the money.


Top-quality refrigerators will mean that you dig deep into your pockets. However, this is not a guarantee that you will get the best quality available. It can still break down and stop the cooling required. If this occurs, it is ideal to let it be fixed by professionals instead of purchasing a new one.


This is one of the main things you have to consider. What is the total cost of repair compared to the cost of buying a new one? If the fridge costs a lot, then the repair cost may just be a fraction of that cost.

We will provide price estimates for your appliance’s total repair costs, including the spare parts and labor, and allow you to make your decision.

Other Services

Irving Refrigerator Repair does not just perform repairs on the fridge. We also conduct repairs on different home appliances such as Freezer repair, washer repair, dryer repair, dishwater repair, and other home appliances.

Contact Irving Refrigerator Repair for more information about what we can repair.