If you are having problems regulating your chest freezer’s temperatures, a faulty thermostat may be the culprit. In this article, you will learn how to test the chest freezer thermostat to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. The problem may also be due to a defective compressor or evaporator. But of all the possible issues, testing the thermostat is the easiest.

Safety first

The first step is to ensure you are working safely on testing your chest freezer thermostat by unplugging your appliance from the power source. Working with electricity is dangerous, and it should always be disconnected.

Remove the thermostat

Remove the access panel on the side of the freezer and use screwdrivers to remove the thermostat from the inside walls of a freezer.

You should not disconnect the tube running from the unit to the freezer.

Use a multimeter to test

A multimeter is an essential tool that can be used to test electrical resistance within a circuit. If you have a faulty thermostat, you will know after testing with this tool.

Multimeters come in two types, digital multimeters, and analog multimeters. You may need to set it up according to the user manual before proceeding to the test.

If your multimeter reads continuity, then the thermostat is working properly, and the problem with your freezer is caused by a different issue.

freezer thermostat

If the multi-tester is not reading continuity, it means the thermostat is defective and that you should consider replacing it.

To replace it, detach the tube from the thermostat and replace it with a new one.

Return the thermostat into place and screw the unit properly. Ensure the tube is not coiled in any way. This may prevent the new thermostat from functioning properly.

Other possible problems

If your thermostat shows continuity in the test, other problems may be causing issues with temperature regulation.


If your chest freezer is not working altogether, check whether it is plugged into the power source. Also, ensure the socket is working properly.

Check the relay

The relay helps to power the compressor. Inspect the relay and make sure it is not burnt out. You can also use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If you see any signs that indicate it’s defective, you can replace it right away.

Faulty compressor

The compressor acts as the motor for your chest freezer and powers the cooling system. If your freezer is not working properly, it could be due to a defective compressor.

It is located on the rear side of the freezer and housed in a plastic ball-like object.

You can tell whether your compressor is broken if your relay is working properly.

If you hear a hum that is followed by a clicking sound just before everything turns silent, the compressor may be faulty.

You may need to replace it.

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