According to Samsung manufacturer specifications, their refrigerators should make at least 120 ice cubes a day. Sometimes your Samsung refrigerator ice maker may be faulty and even fail to drop ice. If this is the case, then you need to find out why before considering technical servicing. Here are some reasons why your Samsung ice maker may not be dropping ice.

It may be off

Before you go all out with big guns, it could be a simple reason like not turning on your ice maker. Check whether the Ice off icon is lighting up, indicating that the ice maker is indeed switched off. If it’s lighting, just turn off the icon to continue producing ice.

Also, the feeler arm just above the ice bin prevents further ice production once the bin is full. Sometimes, this feeler arm can get stuck, making no ice to be produced, even when the ice bin is empty.

So make sure the feeler arm is not stuck (raised). If it’s stuck, lower it down to activate the ice maker.

The issue with water supply

If your Samsung ice maker is getting insufficient water supply, you will not get the ice. Here is how you can test for water supply issue with your ice maker: samsung Ice Maker

Pour some amount of water into your ice maker’s mold and leave it for two hours. If it’s making ice, then it could be an issue with the water supply.

To solve the water supply issue:

● Ensure that the water line is connected to the refrigerator and nothing is interfering with the water flow in the valve.

● Ensure the water pressure from the dispenser is optimum.

On some occasions, the water inlet may be clogged, and it reduces the pressure to pump the required 6 ounces of water to the ice maker.

If you hear a humming sound from the back of your fridge and nothing happening, this could be the reason.

Also, if the pressure is not at its optimum, try and replace your water filter system. Just ensure you are using the best one.

Wrong temperatures

For your Samsung ice maker to make any ice, your freezer temperature should be below 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ensure the temperature of your refrigerator is maintained below this temperature.

If your freezer is still rising in temperatures after setting it, you could be having a faulty ice maker heater. To check whether your ice maker heater is defective, use your hand to feel the temperature at the ice maker’s bottom.

If it’s warm, then it’s probably malfunctioning, and you need to consider calling for technical assistance.

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