Have you ever opened up your freezer only to find all your foodstuffs covered in ice? It’s called freezer frost. Freezer frost is a sign of improper functioning of your refrigerator. It can compromise the quality of food you store in your freezer and may even lead to your freezer getting defective. To prevent this, you need to know what causes it first.

What causes ice buildup in the freezer?

In a freezer, Ice buildup occurs when warm air combines with the cold evaporator coils in the freezer when you open the freezer door. The coils instantly freeze the moisture, which then accumulates to form ice.

How to prevent it

Do not open the freezer door too frequently, or keep it open for long.

Opening the door too frequently or keeping the freezer door open for long will let in warm air that interacts with the evaporator coils leading to the formation of the ice. 

Check for cracks and openings on door seals.

The cold air in the freezer should always be insulated from the outside. Ensure the door seals and ensure there are no crackings, gaps, or openings that are letting in warm air.

If there is no proper sealing, clean the sealing using warm water and a soft sponge. If the seals are cracked or broken, then you should consider replacing them to solve the problem.

Keep your freezer loaded sufficiently.

Ideally, your freezer should not be overpacked. It should just be full, about ¾.

Avoid keeping hot food.

Keeping hot food in the appliance releases moisture, which only increases frost buildup.

Check the temperature

Frost buildup is common if the freezer’s temperature is warmer or cooler than it should be. The recommended temperature is -18 degrees Celsius. Check the temperature setting and make necessary adjustments.

3 Zone No Frost or NeoFrost Dual Cooling

This technology automatically prevents ice buildup so that you do not have to remove them manually.

How to remove frost from your freezer

If you have frost in your freezer, follow these steps to remove them carefully

1. Remove everything out of the freezer and place them either in the fridge or outside for a few hours. Keep the refrigerator unplugged.

2. Boil water and pour into a clean spray bottle. Spray the frost with hot water and use a towel to mop up everything.

3. Dry the freezer and leave it open for an hour to let all the moisture evaporate.

4. Restock your freezer and plug the freezer back to the power source.

If you still find ice buildup in your freezer after doing this, it could mean you have a bigger problem that needs a professional expert’s attention.

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